Testimonials--What People are Saying About the Super Allergy Girl Cookbook

What internationally known MD and NY Times best-selling author, Dr. Doris Rapp says:

“Sometimes you know exactly which foods are making your child sick or unable to behave or learn. That, however, is only the first step. When it is their favorite food, as a parent, you have an immense challenge. How can you possibly keep your child growing normally and feeling happy when you have to take away the very foods that give your child so much joy and nutrition? Many will find the recent book The Super Allergy Girl™ Allergy & Celiac Cookbook written by a mother who 'has been there and done that' the answer to your own desperate prayers.

Lisa Lundy was forced to figure it out on her own and she has generously and graciously decided to share all she has had to learn. You will find this book is the answer to your child's special food needs. Her book will empower you to keep your child happy while limiting exactly what can be ingested safely. We need to clone mothers like Lisa whose lives are predicated on sharing and caring.”

- Doris J. Rapp, M.D.

What Mothers Say About The Super Allergy Girl™ Allergy & Celiac Cookbook:

“Wow!!! This Cookbook has saved my SANITY and probably my daughter’s life!!! I have NEVER had anyone with any food allergies in my family before. So this food allergy life is all new to me. It is like moving to a foreign country and not being able to speak the language or read any ingredients at the grocery store. My 6-year old little girl has only been diagnosed for 4 months. I would just like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO PUT ALL YOUR HELPFUL HINTS IN THIS BOOK. The recipes are Fantastic and so kid friendly.”

- Kim R., Washington State

"I want you to know that I watched the videos (from your cookbook website). I also made some of the rolls & both children loved them. You have given me the "nerve" to do from scratch gluten-free/casein-free baking. I was always such a "mix" girl before. I think I was intimidated by all the flours & especially by xanthan gum. But NO MORE thanks to you! Many THANKS!"

- Lisa S., South Carolina

“I tried the sugar cookie recipe from your cookbook last night. Molly had to have an alternate sugar cookie to decorate at school so I sent along a few of the heart-shaped cookies that I made. They turned out wonderful, actually better than any gluten and butter recipe that I have tried…and I am the family/extended family baker who has made dozens of sugar cookies for my kids, nieces/nephews and friends’ kids. The other night, I made the recipe for chicken nuggets out of your cookbook. My 7 year-old who misses fast-food children meals, said they taste just like his favorite chicken nuggets; of course, his older brother and sister corrected him and said that they were better than the fake chicken nuggets from the fast-food chain! That chicken nugget recipe along with the yummy corn chowder recipe we tried last week will go into our rotation.”

-Kim C., San Francisco, CA

“This is the one book that I recommend to seasoned veterans and those new to using special diets. It is two books in one...background information that everyone should consider and recipes that leave out allergens without taking out the texture and taste! Best of all, the recipes are so delicious that even to those who are not on limited diets enjoy them.”

- Gloria Tilley

These reviews were posted by customers on Amazon! How humbling to find these testimonials without even asking for them!! Thank you so much for your kind words!

“My husband is celiac with additional allergies to casein, soy, and eggs and should probably be avoiding of a lot of other things due to the fact we are not getting completely well...we're still trying to figure out what's going on with him and why. I've tried every cookbook under the sun that addresses these issues, but he's not a child with autism, so we have a little more grown up tastes. Being free of all the allergens is new to us, so we like to keep it simple and realistic, unlike what some other cookbooks require to be allergen free. We were about to give up until I forced this cookbook on him in the form of a Christmas present (the "girl" in the title was a little off-putting to him- men...go figure). He is ecstatic that he can eat a quality meal again and vary his options when doing so! This is the most complete information guide to allergies plus recipe book we believe is out there. I will second that the General Tso's is so good it rivals that of the commercial chains that have gluten free offerings (even without the wine and soy sauce). Thank you so much "Super Allergy Girl!"

– from J. Parry “wife of Mr. Allergic,” Louisiana

"This cookbook is great. My daughter is on a rotation diet and it is impossible to find recipes that are varied and do not contain rice flour. This cookbook has recipes that use many different flours and the results are amazing. I love how she adds club soda to her bread recipes and how it makes the flour so light and fluffy. The pig in the blanket recipe is a family favorite. If you have a child with intolerances or allergies buy this book.”

– from C. Lebel, Michigan

“This cookbook has been a lifesaver for our family. Our son has autism and is on a gluten/casein-free diet and our daughter is gluten intolerant. There are plenty of GFCF cookbooks out there and we did okay with finding meals that they could eat. Then, our baby was diagnosed with food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs, and that changed everything! I tried baking GFCF desserts without eggs and had one disaster after the other. I eventually found a few things that worked, but I still needed more recipes.

"I was thrilled to discover this cookbook because it addresses all of our allergies. I've made many recipes from it, and every single one so far has been a hit with the kids. We've enjoyed the main dishes (the General Tso's Chicken is amazing!), the snack mixes are great, and the desserts are delicious. I'd given up on trying to make brownies without wheat or eggs, but there are two brownie recipes in this book, and they're both incredible.”

– from Denise in Pennsylvania

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